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X90 Heads Up Display

X90 Heads Up Display

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Discover the X90 Heads-Up Display (HUD) – a state-of-the-art accessory designed to enhance your driving experience. With meticulous attention to detail, this sophisticated device offers a range of key functions, providing you with vital information at a glance on a separate display unit.

The X90 HUD offers the following key functions:

Vehicle Roll Angle: Stay informed about your vehicle's inclination, ensuring optimal control on uneven terrain or challenging driving conditions.

Pitch Angle: Know the angle at which your vehicle is tilting, essential for navigating steep inclines or descents with confidence.

Satellite Speed: Accurately monitor your vehicle's speed using GPS satellite signals, ensuring compliance with safe and legal limits.

Altitude: Stay informed about your vehicle's elevation above sea level, useful for off-road adventures or mountain driving.

Latitude and Longitude: Precisely pinpoint your location on Earth's surface, providing critical information for navigation and emergency situations.

Compass: Orient yourself with a digital compass, ensuring you stay on the right track wherever your journey takes you.

Satellite Time: Stay on schedule with highly accurate timekeeping, synced with GPS satellites.

Elevate your Suzuki Jimny with the X90 Heads-Up Display. Experience unmatched convenience, safety, and peace of mind as you navigate the world with precise and timely information, all within your line of sight. Order yours today and enhance your driving experience.


Power Supply DC11.5V~30V
Voltage Range DC11.5V~30V
Operating Temp -40C ~ +80C
Voltage Measurement Accuracy 0.5V
Pitch Angle -40° ~ +40°
Speed Accuracy < 0.36km/h
Roll Angle -40° ~ +40°
GPS Cold Start Time 32s (Average)
Time Error < 1minute
GPS Hot Start Time 1s (Average)
GPS Data Refresh Rate 1s
Product Size 17*7*6cm
Wireless Transmission Frequency 2.4Hz
Weight 203g
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